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Sound too good to be true? Read this entire report to discover how to make the man you have your heart set on get down on one knee and confess his true love for you – no matter how unattractive you feel, how unwanted you feel, or if other women are competing for his love.

From: Jonathan Brown

Believe it or not, attracting a man’s attention and desire is incredibly simple. You don’t have to jump through hoops or chase him to get the love and relationship you want.

WARNING: This secret discovery uses a man’s instincts against him, compelling him to fall deeply in love with you.

It’s really about understanding the buttons that activate a man’s uncontrollable need to devote himself to you forever.

hot coals

When you use this simple knowledge, he will be so deeply captivated by you that he will walk over hot coals if that’s what it takes to be your man.

I’m going to reveal the truth about men that most women will never know:

  • The one fear he will never reveal to you...
  • What really triggers a man's commitment button...
  • And of course, the key to capturing a man's heart that you already have...

How To Make Him Anounce (Loud Enough For The

World To Hear) That You Are The One and

Only Woman For Him

“Always a bridesmaid, never a bride…I should start charging for my services…” Katie smirked half-heartedly during the dessert course of our dinner. She tried to smile as she said it but I knew that deep down inside she was in pain.

I made eye contact with her and said, “Stop that. You’re not destined to be alone forever. You can get married this year to the man of your dreams if that’s what you want.”

Katie came out to dinner with me to get my advice on her situation because she knows my proven track record with helping women find true love. I’ve spent years coaching thousands of women through the obstacles that kept them from finding “the one”.

I understand exactly what triggers to activate in a man to make him fall deeply in love and eternally dedicated to the one woman. These buttons make any man you desire chase you and jump through hoops to prove his love to you.

Katie calmed down once she accepted my assurances that she wasn’t doomed to die alone. She said to me, “I’m just at my wit’s end. No matter what I do, my relationships never last and the woman I get left for gets proposed to within months. It’s not fair.”

Honestly, I love helping women solve their relationship obstacles and get a man who would fight off a rabid grizzly bear to be with them for life. No matter who I’m coaching, I hear the same problems over and over again:

The man begins pulling away, he stops answering calls or texts, and then finally gives some excuse like, “It’s not you, it’s me” before he disappears for good.

pull away

Katie’s situation was no different. Her ex ignored her around other people, he dismissed her accomplishments, and even told her she needed to lose weight to get his affection back.

She couldn’t help but compare her relationship to other women she saw happy in love with men who doted on them and bent over backwards to make them happy. Meanwhile, her own ex had been pulling away more and more as each day went by.

Katie told me that the final straw for her was when he cancelled a vacation they had planned together. The tickets were bought and they were about to start looking at booking flights.

He had been distant and cold to her for weeks until he finally said:

“I’m sorry. I can’t do this.”

“I’m just not into it. It’s not you, it’s a problem with me.”

“You deserve better and I want you to be happy.”

“It’s not that I don’t want to see you again, I just don’t want to be your boyfriend.”

Katie was devastated. To make matters worse, she saw that another woman was already making moves on her ex.

She had no idea how she had set herself up for disaster. She was only missing a single, vital secret that means the difference between a lifelong happy relationship and getting dumped and replaced by another woman.

“She was almost ready to give up when she discovered

how to make him beg to be with her…”

How satisfying would it feel to know that you will never be abandoned or alone again? What if I told you that you can have your ideal man work to win you over?

The truth is that the fear of being single actually scares men off. The more you fear it, the more men will fade away.

The solution is to not settle for just any man.

The secrets I told Katie (and the women I’ve coached all over the world) were a few sneaky “tricks” that push his desire and love buttons. Things that she could do that very day to magnetically attract high quality men to her without lifting a finger.

Before she knew it, Katie had dates lined up every night of the week. She had amazing men begging to take her out and treat her well.

A couple weeks later, her ex came sniffing around, saying how he had made a mistake and wanted her back.

get back together“Look, I was stupid and I never should have let you go. I can’t stand to be without you. I need you back in my life.”

But Katie knew he wasn’t willing to put in the work. She already had a great guy who was proving his love for her and never abandoned her like her ex had.


It wasn’t a coincidence and it wasn’t manipulation.

She found the secret to what triggers a man’s

desire to commit forever…”

These triggers that all men have and are simply waiting to be activated.

When you push these buttons yourself, you activate that need in men which almost forces them to pursue you and plead to be with you.

It’s as easy as flipping the switch on a light.

The Easy Secret That Activates His

Need To Be With You…

I’ve spent immeasurable hours and days of study and research to put together a simple yet devastatingly effective method to make the man you have your heart set on desire you, chase you, and make the ultimate commitment without any manipulation on your part.

This method is carefully constructed to walk you through step-by-step to capturing a man’s attention and activating his inner need and desire to have you all to himself.

Usually my personal coaching sessions cost $300 per hour to teach women this program. Unfortunately, this only allows me to help a couple of women at any given time.

Of course, I made a lot of money but it limited the number of women I could help get control of their love lives and compel the man of their dreams to commit to them for eternity.

Months of tireless work went into perfecting this proven program so that you can use it in your own life to get the relationship of your dreams.

At the end, I demonstrate the ordinary yet fatal mistakes that most women make while revealing the most effective method to activating a man’s commitment and desire buttons. This easy, step-by-step guide walks you through everything you need to know to capture a man’s heart.


Desire Formula

“Desire Formula”

My Unique, Yet Straightforward Commitment

and Desire Buttons That Force Any Man To Plead

and Cry To Devote Himself To You!


This Incredible Program Will Reveal…

  • The One Thing You Must Do When You Feel A Man Withdraw To Reel Him Back In – No Matter How Cold He Acts, How Distant He Seems, Or How Hopeless You Feel.
  • The Technique That’s Almost Criminal Which Allows You To Command The Attention Of Every Man In The Room No Matter What You Look Like – Even If You’re Carrying Extra Pounds, Can’t Afford Expensive Clothing, Or Hate Wearing Makeup.
  • The Devastating Lie About Men That Most Women Fall For Which Sabotages Your Shot At Love…. Learn The Truth About How Men Really Feel About Relationships And How To Use It To Your Advantage To Get The Relationship You’ve Always Dreamed About.
  • The Super Secret Method That Automatically Attracts High Quality Men To You Just By Saying ‘Hi’! – It’s So Easy You Can Use It Without Lifting A Finger!
  • Discover A Simple Trick Revealed By Mathematicians That Brings Desirable Men To You Every Time You Walk Out Your Door.
  • How To Use The "Two-Step, One-Step" Method To Guarantee A Perfect First Date – And Get A Call To Set Up A Second Date The Next Day!
  • 3 Simple Ways To Create An ‘Emotional Oasis’ For Your Man To Make Him Confess His Deepest Thoughts And Most Intimate Feelings To You – And Only You.
  • Why Men Walk Away From Perfectly Good Relationships And How To Guarantee You Never Scare Your Man Off With This Destructive Mistake – Most Women Have No Idea Until It’s Too Late!
  • And much more!

INCREDIBLE! All This From A Single Report?

YES! As the man of your dreams drops to his knees and confesses his undying love you to when you use these commitment buttons, you will know without a doubt that this program works.

And, there’s another bonus to this system. Don’t be afraid if your guy begins jumping through hoops to please you and do everything he can to keep you by his side, telling everyone how he’s the luckiest man in the world to get to be with you.

“Oh, My Word! This Is Incredible, Jonathan!

How Much Does It Cost?”

How much? Cheap. Having the power to make any man you desire drop to the ground and plead to be your man is an influence you don’t have time or money to spend figuring out on your own spare time. 

It hasn’t worked for you so far has it? You never get the result you want, do you? It’s like backpacking through a strange forest with no map or resources. You could do it all on your own but it takes weeks and a lot of sweat and tears.

But that’s what this method does… it gives you a road map and all the help you need to get to where you want to go. The bottom line is that you need the knowledge of someone who has spent years teaching countless women the secrets they need to get the ultimate relationship and everlasting love they deserve.

So, what does it cost? Believe it or not,  since you’re one of my readers, you can access this incredible step-by-step guide and have this program in your hands right now for only $49.95.

Why is this program only $49.95?

What’s the catch?

The truth is, I believe in this program so much and I know you will love it and see results from the moment you start using it that I’m willing to give you an incredible discount on it. I know that you will be so thrilled with my system that you will want my other “step-by-step” guides to get the ultimate relationship and love life you’ve been dreaming about.

I know, without a doubt, that this system will work for you and you won’t be able to wait to tell your friends. That’s why I’m offering to give it to you at such a cheap, low price today.

It Costs Less Than A New Date Outfit!

  • How much is it worth to feel the man of your dreams wrap you in his arms and declare his undying love to you?
  • What would you give to feel secure and treasured by the man you adore – who would swim in a tank of piranhas just to be with you?
  • What price would you put on the power to have him jumping through hoops to make you happy while your rivals look on in disbelief and jealousy?

How much is it worth to you to get the true love you’ve always wanted? Isn’t it a wise investment today to get eternal love for the rest of your life? Of course it is!

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The bottom line is that I’m convinced you’re going to love my product and I’m willing to take ALL of the financial risk off of you. If you’re not absolutely thrilled with it, you get a full refund, no questions asked. How fair is that?

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Jonathan Brown

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Dear Jonathan, THANK YOU so much for writing, "Desire Formula"! For years, I've watched all my best friends get married to great guys, but my own relationships seemed to go nowhere. I didn't understand why I couldn't keep a man! After downloading your program, I'm happy to report that I've been seeing a wonderful guy for several months now, and our relationship is stronger than ever.

Kelly, New Jersey

Always the token single friend, I was constantly asked why "is a pretty girl like you still single?"  I convinced myself that guys were just intimidated by my independence and that was why things never evolved past one or two dates.

It was only after reading "Desire Formula" did I realize that I was sabotaging myself! Thanks to your formula I'm in a committed relationship with a great man and couldn't be happier!

Amanda, Massachusetts

Email: support@desireformula.com

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